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Criminal Zionist Fronts in USA

The following site, like, is a site where Zionist fronts misuse and abuse the Communications Decency Act (CDA) to promote their evil agenda. Ironically, the CDA is an attempt by the US Congress to regulate porn over the internet. What you’re going to see are Ashkenazim and Sephardim using it to slander those who speak the truth against their pervasive evil deeds. At the same time, they tend to be the biggest purveyors of porn, prostitution and, sex and organ trafficking. Continue reading

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Novelty and Black Republican Political Game, Pt2

“…Numbers do not lie. Where are Blacks within the leadership of the Republican Party? Why did it take the electing of Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency in order for the Republican Party to vote Michael Steele as their “Great Black Hope”? How long will old white folk within the Republican Party tolerate Steele as RNC Chairman? When will the “we can too” wear off and the “whites only” mentality of the Grand Old Party return in full force, as we see it mingled within the Tea Party? Judging from the makeup of the Tea Party, it appears to be more of the same..” Continue reading

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Novelty and Black Republican Political Game

“…There is a big difference from white Republican voters voting for Black candidates than Democrats who have voted for Black candidates for decades. You can’t suddenly reverse this track record, relying on a base of old white men. It is what it is. These old white men, generally, have antiquated reservations about Black men and women having political power within the modern Republican Party beyond the novelty affect.” Continue reading

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Black Wealth Within the Earth

It is now time to uncover our wealth. Nature brought much of commerce to a halt when the blackness of volcanic ash clouds covered much of Western Europe. Today, we see blackness of crude oil threatening the Gulf Coast of the US. When the Creator has provided a way forward, we must know that hour and seize it. Continue reading

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